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Metal Barns and Barndominiums in Argyle

Experience the Transformational Benefits of Metal Barns and Barndominiums

If you are looking for an innovative, chic, and functional combination between a barn and a condominium, a barndominium might be right for you. At Payne Acres, we create luxurious, upscale barndominiums that our clients use for a variety of purposes. Our team provides the very best in Arygle barndominium services and have a high level of expertise regarding the materials necessary to build these convenient and beautiful structures. Both barndominiums and barns require intricate assembling and must be tailored to the exact needs of the client. For us, this includes client education and making sure they are aware of the materials on the market and helping them choose the best option. One of the most popular materials for barns and barndominiums is metal.

Reasons clients flock to this option include:


It can make for a more efficient building process than other options like wood. Building a wood structure can take twice as long as a metal structure, whereas the steps of a continuous metal structure are much simpler. Longer hours mean higher costs, so metal barns and barndominiums are often more economical than the alternatives.

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Metal does not need to be touched up with fresh coats of paint as often as wood, which needs to be touched up every five to ten years. The color of metal barns and barndominiums, on the other hand, can last as long as 50 years.
Metal is durable and has a long lifespan and can last as long as 50 to 100 years.
Metal holds up well against pests and mold, which can make for convenient living quarters and low maintenance costs.
Many metal barns and barndominiums can be recycled even after a century, so they are a great option for those who are trying to lessen their negative impact on the environment.

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Most people who have a barndominium would tell you that they offer a wide range of other benefits as well, including the following:


Access to a dual-purpose home

Extra storage space
An eco-friendly and energy-efficient living choice
A simple, yet beautiful and elegant home option
Generally lower tax and insurance rate than traditional homes

Most people who have a barndominium would tell you that they offer a wide range of other benefits as well, including the following:

However, metal barndominiums are not for everyone, and there are some drawbacks to these types of structures that you would want to know, such as:
One drawback of a metal barn or barndominium is that without proper soundproofing and noise insulation, it is not always great at keeping the sounds of nature at bay. While some people might find the sound of rain or wind relaxing, others might find it irritating, so this is a factor to consider when choosing the material for your new structure. Along those same lines, it can be more difficult to control the temperature in a metal building. If it is not insulated properly, temperature changes can lead to condensation, corrosion, and an overall uncomfortable living experience. This is not ideal if you are looking to make your barndominium into a place of dwelling. However, this is a simple fix that can be resolved through proper soundproofing and insulation.
Safety concerns
If your barndominium is going to be a primary residence, you will want to make sure to take sufficient security measures. Metal buildings are difficult to break into, but the open nature of indoor-outdoor living can make the space prone to intruders who pass by. The buildings are also isolated from the rest of the property, which can make them a vulnerable target. Fortunately, metal structures are strong and resistant to attacks on their own, but it would not hurt to put some extra security measures in place.

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