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Cattle Guard FAQ

Can You Drive Over Cattle Guards?

Yes. The spaces between the metal bars are wide enough to deter livestock from walking over them, but not so wide that they cause vehicle damage. The bars are significantly smaller in diameter than your car or truck’s tires and cannot be pushed forward when they make tire contact. Driving over a cattle guard is simply a little bumpy and noisy.

Is There a Risk of Livestock Injury?

Cattle guards that allow an animal’s entire leg to go through can pose the risk of injury. The best guards feature smaller gaps that make the space challenging and unappealing to walk on, without risking injury to the animal.

Will the Ditches Underneath My Cattle Guards Fill Up with Debris or Mud?

Rainwater is generally enough to wash away debris and keep the spaces underneath the guards relatively clean. If you find you do need to clean the ditches, simply remove the guard with a chain attached to a vehicle. The guard is easy to reset.

What Are the Benefits of Cattle Guards?

Cattle guard installation offers numerous benefits. They help ranchers save time putting livestock back on their property and prevent the animals from grazing where they shouldn’t be, which helps conserve the land. They also save drivers time otherwise spent opening and closing cattle gates and keep livestock off highways to reduce accidents.

What Are the Materials Used for a Cattle Guard?

The materials used for the construction of a cattle guard depend partially on the weight that it must bear. Most cattle guards are made using concrete, steel, or a combination of both.

How Much Does It Weigh?

The ATV guard weighs 249 pounds. The UTV guard is 350 pounds.

How Do I Maintain the Cattle Guard?

Make sure quality materials are used when installing the cattle guard and periodically inspect the unit for damage. Make sure you select the appropriate cattle guard that will provide the longest life.

Where Are the Cattle Guards Made?

Our cattle guards are made locally, at Payne Acres in Dallas.

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