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Barndominium FAQ

What is a Barndominium?

A luxury barndominium offers a variety of uses. A barndominium can be an existing barn that we convert to a shop, living space, venue, or other purpose. The common characteristic of these buildings, outside of the aesthetic, is the structural nature and integrity of the building itself. Barns, by design, are built so that most of the structural support comes from the outside walls, beams, and few, if any, poles. The resulting open space provides usage options that are flexible for homeowners and builders alike. At Payne Acres we pride ourselves in building barndominiums from scratch, with the most experienced designers and contractors in the area.

Why Are Barndominiums So Popular?

Barndominiums were slowly increasing in popularity throughout the early 2010s, but when the Fixer Upper couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, decided to renovate a barn in 2015, the barndominium concept made headlines, and entered the zeitgeist immediately. Far from a passing fad though, bardominiums offer function, flexibility, affordability, energy-efficiency, and beauty, putting them lightyears beyond the traditional red building many have in mind when they imagine a barn.

What Makes a Luxury Barndominium Special?

Barndominiums are economical in their basic form. A luxury barndominium takes the concept to another level to create a home in which you don’t have to compromise comfort to have a dual-use structure you can enjoy. If you’re looking to reduce monthly and yearly home maintenance expenses, talk with our team, and we can come up with a design that reduces or even eliminates the majority of the maintenance costs. Compared to building a traditional home of the same size, barndominiums tend to be a much quicker build. In many cases, the shell of a true-steel barndominium can be set up in as little as a few weeks.

Since we can build luxury barndominiums at a much larger size, the possibilities for the interior of your living and working space are truly endless. Our design team can show versions of barndominiums that hold workspaces, living quarters, swimming pools, gyms, and even entire horse arenas. Even then, you still have enough space remaining to comfortably park a class A motorhome.

What Is the Purpose of a Barndominium?

A barndominium’s purpose is anything you want it to be. Whether a space for living and entertaining, a combination of a work and living space, a weekend home, or something supplemental on a larger piece of property, the appeal of a barndominium is the versatility. Some families want one built exactly like a home would be built. Still others are looking for a place to park recreational vehicles. We work with you on a design that suits your every need. If you don’t have land, we also have the expertise needed to find the perfect piece of land for your new barndominium.

Where Can I Get a Barndominium Floor Plan?

Our barndominium floor plan designer will create a custom floor plan after listening to your specific needs.

What Type of Insulation Is Used on a Barndominium?

We recommend open cell foam insulation in living areas and closed cell foam insulation in shop areas. If you have questions about insulation, feel free to call one of our team members.

What Kind of Kitchen Counter Tops Are Available in a Barndominium?

Kitchens are a critical part of your new home, so getting the kitchen countertops right is important. We’re able to provide kitchen countertops in laminate, granite, quartz, marble, butcher block, and more.

What Brand of Window Is Used in Barndominiums?

We recommend double pane Low E vinyl windows, but every building is different. Be sure to talk to us about your needs, and we can recommend the perfect window for your use.

If you have additional questions please call us at or submit your question online, our team is happy to help!

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